Double Perfection VegCheeseBurger | Restaurant Vegan Level-Up Bucuresti
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Vegan Burger

Double Perfection VegCheeseBurger

Our famous ”Next Level Burger” skyrocketed as a top choice between conscious eaters. WE STAND FOR QUALITY…
Humanely raised and handled, antibiotic- and hormone-free Seitan and Cashew patty  😎🤣, 100% natural authentic burger taste with a uniquely savory, umami flavor, and a dense, meaty texture; all-natural ingredients❤️… Welllll, how to improve on Perfection? By adding up cheese of course So, from today on you can find in our Menu the mouth-watering ”Double Perfection VegCheeseBurger”!!! Hungry yet? 🥰🤪🍔


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